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Our Response to the Trump Administration's Transphobic Memo

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

The following was originally shared through the YesYes Books Newsletter

and distributed through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on October 22, 2018:

We are outraged by the Trump Administration's transphobic memo detailing the Department of Health and Human Services plans to legally "define gender as male or female, based on genitalia recorded at birth, and any individual's dispute about their gender would require genetic testing" (Out Magazine). Bullshit. 

The Trump Administration is clearly, absurdly, and vindictively attempting to  erase the lived experiences of transgender and non-binary people. They will not succeed. 

Here at YesYes Books, we would like to express our support for all transgender and non-binary people. We see you. We hear you. You are valid and important. Your life matters.

Out Magazine has compiled a list of action items in response to the Trump Administration's memo, which you can access here

As a press, we will express our support the best way we can—by continuing to lift up voices of transgender and non-binary authors, by offering discounts on their books, and by donating to a community resource focused on transgender and non-binary support. 

From October 22 until the end of November, we are offering a

50% discount on YYB titles by transgender and non-binary authors. In addition, for each of these titles purchased through November, we will donate

Update 10/29/18:

Since the original posting, 32 books have been purchased with the 50% discount. That amounts to $160 that YYB has set aside to donate to Trans Lifeline! Thank you so much to those who have ordered. We are grateful for your support of transgender and non-binary communities. Let's keep it up. We will continue to offer a 50% discount on all titles by transgender and non-binary authors and will continue to donate $5 to Trans Lifeline for each purchase through the month of November.

Update 12/03/18:

A huge thank you to everyone who helped us respond to the Trump Administration's transphobic memo in November. Thanks to you, 87 more YYB books by transgender and non-binary authors are in the hands of readers and $435 will be donated to Trans Lifeline! We are so grateful for your support of transgender and non-binary communities.

Read these titles by transgender and non-binary authors at YesYes Books:

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