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Announcing the results of our 2019 Open Reading Period for Poetry!

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

We are so excited to announce the results of the 2019 Open Reading Period in Poetry! Congratulations to Stephanie Cawley, whose manuscript Animal Mineral has been selected for publication with YesYes Books!

Stephanie Cawley is a poet from southern New Jersey. She is the author of

A Wilderness (forthcoming 2019), winner of the Gazing Grain Chapbook Contest. Her work has appeared in West Branch, the PEN Poetry Series, Best New Poets, and DIAGRAM, among other places. She has an MFA from the University of Pittsburgh.

Thank you to all who submitted to this year's Open Reading Period. It was such a pleasure to read these manuscripts! Below are the full results:

Offered Publication:

Animal Mineral by Stephanie Cawley


The Linen Spells by Sara Fetherolf

Romantic Comedy by James Allen Hall

La Casa Roja by Alonso Llerena

MusicFromaBurningPiano by Jill Mceldowney

In the Antarctic Circle by Dennis James Sweeney


Dead Shark on the N Train by Susana Case

Gentefication by Antonio Lopez

Florida Girl by Kelly Magee

Happy Hour in the Decline of Civilization by Jakob Maier

Medium Warp by Michael Oliphant

Untitled Hybrid Poetry/CNF Manuscript by Cassandra Rockwood-Rice

THE MAN GRAVE by Chris Salerno

Waterbone by Emily Tuszynska

A Forever Tickle by Sam Wein

Notes from the Edge of Naught by Suzanne Wise

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