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Paperback, 80 pages

May 15, 2018, ISBN 978-1-936919-57-4


about jamie mortara


jamie mortara (they/them/their) is a queer poet, performer, publisher, organizer, and artist. They grew up in New Jersey and have learned to stop apologizing for it. jamie is author of the poetry collections GOOD MORNING AMERICA I AM HUNGRY AND ON FIRE (YesYes Books, 2018) and some planet (YesYes Books, 2015) and the interactive fiction collection small creatures / wide field (tNY Press). Three of their DIY zines are indie bestsellers and the others are likely scattered to the winds somewhere. jamie is founder of the audio poetry magazine Voicemail Poems, a National Poetry Slam competitor, and has performed their poetry in 29 states and counting. jamie holds an MFA from UNCW and is a proud Capricorn. More about jamie can be found at


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  • Finalist, Believer Book Award in Poetry, 2018

    Finalist, Milt Kessler Poerty Book Award, 2019


    Finalist, CLMP Firecracker Award in Poetry, 2019


  • Now That I've Exploded

    it’s like the firetrucks

    actually sound

    like they’re celebrating

    it’s like the highway

    at a distance

    sounds like people cheering

    like they’re at a concert in honor of me:

    the Queen of Spectacular Mistakes

    and now

    now that i’ve exploded

    now that i am fire for so long

    such slow burn now

    i turn this entire saloon into cinder

    turn every suitor into kindling

    you know what they say:

    you can take the girl out of Jersey

    but you can’t take the Jersey out of

    Go Fuck Yourself.

    oh honey

    there’s plenty of other fish in the sea

    oh honey

    plenty more hot coals to swallow

    now my car

    it runs on my anger

    the conversion process isn’t hard to master

    the firefighter

    never fights fire with fire

    all you get

    is more fire

    and you must think you can fight the fire

    because it was somehow asking for it

    like it’s just too damn hot to leave alone

    like fire’s okay as long as it ain’t Wild

    now that i’ve exploded

    i wouldn’t wish a corporeal form

    on anyone

    i’d take burn over break

    any day of the week

    and now

    now that i’ve exploded

    smiling within this city’s limits

    is the sweetest revenge i can get

    it’s like it never ends

    and it’s just beginning

    it’s like how

    just yesterday

    i was driving off

    to anywhere else

    when a terrified deer

    bolted across the intersection

    how it just barely dodged two speeding cars

    how it tried to leap this metal fence

    but got clipped hard

    by the sharp of it

    how it somersaulted right off the bridge

    it is just like that

    like me

    peering down towards the rocks

    where the river used to be

    the animal already gone through the trees

    now that i’ve exploded

    it is just like that

    like how i died from you

    no body

    no burial


    driving away


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