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YesYes Books 2018 Pamet River Prize and Open Reading Period in Poetry!

YesYes Books is thrilled to announce the winner of the 2018 Pamet River Prize, Forever War by Kate Gaskin! In addition, we have offered publication to two Pamet River finalists, vo/luptuary by Canese Jarboe and Say It Hurts by Lisa Summe. 

We are also happy to announce that YesYes Books is offering publication to two manuscripts from the 2018 Open Reading Period in Poetry, loudest when startled by Lukas Hall and Helen or My Hunger by Gale Thompson! 

See the complete results of the Pamet River Prize and the Open Reading Period in Poetry below. Stay tuned for the Open Reading Period in Fiction results. We are so excited for what's to come!

2018 Pamet River Prize


Forever War by Kate Gaskin


vo/luptuary by Canese Jarboe (also offered publication by YYB)

Say It Hurts by Lisa Summe (also offered publication by YYB)

Sorry for Crashing Your Party and Possibly Killing Your Horse by Elise Burke

Dying One in Time by Brandi Katherine Herrera

Hot with the Bad Things by Lucia LoTempio

Helen or My Hunger by Gale Thompson

Tigers by Kim Young


Small Game by M. J. Arlett

One Dog Town by Dominique Bechard (accepted for publication elsewhere)

Compassion Fountain by Liz Bowen

Home Beneath the Church by Lauren Davis

The Knives We Need by Nava EtShalom

Blow by Mag Gabbert

Bury Me in Thunder by Moira J. (accepted for publication elsewhere)

How to Build a Lady by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins

Study of Scars by Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach

In the Absence of Roofs by Michelle Lerner

[ a go ] by Gabrielle Lessans

Firemen by Melissa McCann

Euphobia by Becka McKay

How to Celebrate Cheaply by Jack Meriwether

The Falls by Emily Mohn-Slate

Prayer for What Disappears by Emily Pulfer-Terino

The Best Prey by Paige Quiñones

How Loud This World by Isabelle Shepherd

The Other Dream by Sara Watson

2018 Open Reading Period, Poetry

Offered Publication:

loudest when startled by Lukas Hall

Helen or My Hunger by Gale Thompson


Mythicana by Destiny Birdsong

A Season for Speaking by Allison Blevins

GLOW by Faylita Hicks

Hot with the Bad Things by Lucia LoTempio

Wet Reckless by Victoria Lynne McCoy

Mask for Mask by JD Scott

Beast at Every Threshold by Natalie Wee

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