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Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Read the new review of The Feeder by Jennifer Jackson Berry up at Kissing Dynamite!

A new review is available at Kissing Dynamite for Jennifer Jackson Berry's The Feeder. In "Autopsy of Post-Traumatic Guilt: Loss and Non-Redemption in Jennifer Jackson Berry’s The Feeder," Paul David Adkins writes:

"At an autopsy, the coroner must ascertain the cause of death through complete examination of the body. In The Feeder, the speaker escorts the reader through the collection wound by wound. Miscarriages (14 are cataloged in “I Lost Our Baby”) punctuate the volume like buckshot holes."

Jennifer Jackson Berry's book navigates loss and gain through all of their complex undulations—providing the reader with a dynamic celebration of grief and joy in a profound exploration of what the body can hold.

We are so excited to see this new review out for The Feeder!

Read the complete review at Kissing Dynamite,

and get yourself a copy of The Feeder today!


"Love Makes Us Want To Catch That Knife," a new review for Emily O'Neill's a falling knife has no handle!

In her review of a falling knife has no handle, Cheyenne Heckermann reads through Emily O'Neill's poems with an eye for what they savor. Often utilizing food and cooking as a tool for understanding interpersonal relationships, a falling knife has no handle provides a reader with a sense that—while eating keeps us living—it is our relationships with other people that make us alive.

Heckermann opens her review by noting:

"We sometimes fail in our own indulgence. We try to stop a situation too dangerous to stop ourselves — lest we make the situation worse. Like trying to catch a falling knife. Emily O’Neill’s poetry collection, a falling knife has no handle, has a pronounced emphasis on food and relationships, both decadent and troubled. The two pair together like a recipe and meet in a spin of tumult and how we try to cope. Deliciously, at that."

Indulging in Emily O'Neill's words is a pleasure always!

Read the complete review up now at Medium,

and enjoy your own copy of a falling knife has no handle!

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