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Giantess Available to Pre-Order!

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

We are super excited for our new YYB Vinyl 45 chapbook. Emily Vizzo's Giantess is set to release on November 15, 2018 and can be pre-ordered at a 20% discount until then. Giantess is a limited release chapbook, so order today before it sells out!

Giantess walks the bright, chaotic spaces between panic and beauty—flashing like a predatory fish among the currents of solitude, sex, disordered love, embodiment, and devotion to the natural world. These poems ask, What counts as home? and then climb into the mouths of animals—human and otherwise. They ask, When we outgrow an old skin, should we eat it? When you’re pinned beneath a wave, can you open your mouth and sing? At heart, these poems are about the long hungry swim toward the self.

Pre-order Giantess

Emily Vizzo is a writer and educator. She previously covered Congress for the Scripps Howard News Service in Washington, D.C., and has written about topics including the biotech industry, corporate social justice, surf, the arts, education, business, and health. Her essay, "A Personal History of Dirt," was a notable essay in Best American Essays 2013, and she was selected for inclusion in Best New Poets 2015. Her chapbook, Giantess, releases from YesYes Books in 2018 and her debut novel is represented by Frances Goldin Literary Agency in New York.

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