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We Are Excited to Announce Boat Burned by Kelly Grace Thomas!

With a prominent new voice, Kelly Grace Thomas makes her debut. Check out what people are saying about her first full-length poetry collection.

At the same time expansive and intimate, Kelly Grace Thomas’s debut collection navigates issues of loss, family, and agency. Boat Burned invites us to witness the pains and subsequent joys of rebirth—"The boats that built me / smoke on shore.” Thomas’s voice shines like a lighthouse beacon—guiding us through the difficult memories and toward the future’s open waters.

-Paige Lewis, author of Space Struck

“History is a dirty / ocean. And I am dangerous / with thirst,” says luminous poet Kelly Grace Thomas, in her spellbinding Boat Burned. The gorgeous poems that populate this powerful collection “rise // fully formed from sea.” These are elegant, crisp, clear, and potent poems that tackle such issues as impossible beauty standards, eating disorders, racist attitudes in the U.S., divorce, and family trauma, all while binding a thickly knotted rope of love between the speaker and her family, the speaker and the world around her.

–Jennifer Givhan, author of Rosa’s Einstein

To read this powerful collection for yourself, grab a copy of Boat Burned today!

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