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Announcing the Semifinalists for the Pamet River Prize!

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

This year's Pamet River Prize nomination pool was incredibly strong. We have chosen 39 semifinalists, who will submit their full manuscripts by July 15. YesYes Books will be announcing the results and publication offers around September 1. Congratulations to all the semifinalists!

Before the House Went Silent by Dana Alsamsam The Garden Party by Megan J. Arlett Blood Logistics by Anna Binkovitz Mythicana by Destiny O. Birdsong Memoir of Gray by Allison Blevins Fallen Fruit by Despy Boutris Goats & Grandmas by Cori Bratby-Rudd Little Houdini by Sara Brickman Non-Ingènue by Michelle Dominique Burk Sample by Babette Cieskowski Dirtbag Lights by Maggie Dove Something Small of How to See a River by Teresa Dzieglewicz I’m Only Praying to Believe What’s True by Elaina Ellis SEX DEPRESSION ANIMALS by Mag Gabbert The Lyme Letters by C.R. Grimmer Southwest Reconstruction: a diptych by Raquel Gutiérrez Field Music by Alexandria Hall On Weather by RE Katz 40 Weeks by Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach Love as Invasive Species by Ellen Kombiyil The Bastards of Enoch, Florida by Allie Marini Wet Reckless by Victoria Lynne McCoy Music From a Burning Piano by Jill Mceldowney Secondhand Bouquet by Sara McGuirk Washed Clean of Summer’s Dust by James Merenda My First Queer Year by Carley Moore Queer As Folk Tales by James Penha The Book of E by Lee Peterson A Careful Wilderness by Jessica Poli I Thought There Would Be More Wolves by Sara Ryan Redress by Jess Smith Holding the Loose Bones Close by Erin Slaughter After Any Number of Things, What’s One Thing More? by Kimi Traube The Other Dream by Sara Watson Glove Without Winter by Amie Whittemore As She Appears by Shelley Wong If God Is A Virus by Seema Yasmin Tigers by Kim Young Some are Always Hungry by Jihyun Yun

Thank you so much to all of those who nominated their work, and to those who nominated the work of others. We look forward to reading the full manuscripts this summer!

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It's incredible to see such a strong pool of talent fnaf represented. Best of luck to each of you as you prepare to submit your full manuscripts by July 15.


zad sa
zad sa
Apr 11


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