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Connect your phone to your desktop and use voice recognition to dictate the changes to your AutoCAD drawings. (video: 3:27 min.)Structure from motion and point cloud views are improved, and AutoCAD now lets you see your drawing from any viewpoint. (video: 1:15 min.)Autodesk Labs announced it will continue to support AutoCAD via its My Autodesk service. (This service is only available to Autodesk Education customers, and can only be used in conjunction with an Autodesk subscription.)History and changes in AutoCAD since AutoCAD 2018:On the surface, the changes made in AutoCAD 2023 are substantial, but the biggest changes are not visible.This new AutoCAD is the result of the consolidation and migration to the new AutoCAD cloud architecture that we introduced in AutoCAD 2019.As I’ve written in a previous blog post, this migration has meant, among other things, that AutoCAD 2023 is an even more powerful tool than AutoCAD 2019.I’m also amazed at how much AutoCAD 2023 has been improved and how much better it is in so many ways compared to AutoCAD 2018.The improved rendering engine, especially the 3D rendering, is wonderful, and it’s now possible to 3D print parts and view them in real time, instead of 2D images of the 3D printed parts.The new dialogue manager was also a significant improvement. It’s more streamlined and now more intuitive.And I’m pleased to report that the new Autodesk Navisworks SDK is now included as a free add-on to AutoCAD.After installing the Autodesk Navisworks SDK, you can launch it from the program menu or by selecting Navisworks from the Tools menu.When Navisworks is launched, the tools you have installed will be ready for use.And a lot more…There are a lot more changes and improvements, so I recommend that you start by reading some of the new feature articles that have been written.In addition, there are a number of tutorials that will help you get up to speed with the new features and capabilities.How to get AutoCAD 2023AutoCAD 2023 is available via the Autodesk store 2be273e24d

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