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Redefine parts and features without recreating or moving them. Parts and features can be selected by attribute or by predefined geometry or by previously saved user-defined object properties.Drawing templates and snap guides. Edit existing templates to fit your needs. Save your templates and share them with others.Quick save and next, next, next. Quickly save and follow up on a sketch or drawing by quickly reaching the next action on your toolbars, using a quick save button to save the drawing as a template, sharing your work with others, or reviewing design files in a PDF.See and work with your drawings in 3D without changing the viewing orientation of the drawing. Enable the 3D option, and design with 3D views in any orientation you prefer, without having to move the 3D window and switch back to 2D view.Create action bar to easily control 3D and 2D views. Add actions to your drawing toolbar by choosing your preferred drawing mode, with controls to toggle 3D or 2D views, pan, zoom, rotate, move, and track a cursor.Actions per drawing: Quickly create actions for every component in your drawing, no matter how large or complex.Cadastral layer and profile drawing functions. Build contours, cadastral, and profile layers and profiles. Share profiles with others, export, or print.Compare drawings on a canvas or in a separate drawing. Use comparison in a separate drawing to quickly switch between the drawings, without having to open both.Navigate in CAD drawings. Navigate drawings with direct selection from within the drawing and from any other drawing.Export Design to Vector Graphics. Export your drawing to Adobe® Illustrator® or other vector graphics formats, so you can easily share it with other users.Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint® support. Edit and insert AutoCAD commands in PowerPoint® presentations. Animate your design by using the AutoCAD commands to change layer and profile settings.Improved command line and backslash history. Backslash commands navigate through your command history. Typing a backslash displays the commands you used earlier in the command line.Improved backslash, pipe, and question mark commands. The backslash and pipe commands have been improved for both the command line and command window. Use these improved commands to start an AutoCAD command 2be273e24d

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AutoCAD For Windows [Updated] 2022

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