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The Porch (As Sanctuary) by Jae Nichelle

Cover Art: Ceaux 

Cover & Interior Design: Alban Fischer

Paperback, 29 pages

December 17, 2019, ISBN 978-1-936919-78-9


About Jae Nichelle


JAE NICHELLE's first poetry chapbook is The Porch (As Sanctuary), YesYes Books 2019. Her spoken word has been featured on platforms such as Write About Now, Wordables, and Da Poetry Lounge. Jae was a member of the 2017 Team Slam New Orleans and the captain and founder of Tulane University’s slam poetry team Rhyme Verses Rhythm, which placed seventh at the 2018 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational. Jae herself has placed second at the 2018 Ill List Slam in Modesto, California, fourth at the 2017 Texas Grand Slam poetry slam (from which her work received national recognition) and first at the 2017 Women on the Bayou slam. Her written poetry has been featured or is upcoming in Vinyl Poetry and Prose, TRACK// FOUR journal, Cosmonauts Avenue, Muzzle Magazine, EFNIKS magazine, Blue Agave Literary Magazine, Freezeray Poetry, The Tulane Review, and Solstice Literary Magazine. Jae’s linguistic and mental-health related articles have appeared in AFROPUNK, Blavity, and Black Youth Project 100

The Porch (As Sanctuary) by Jae Nichelle

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  • Vinyl 45 Limited Print Edition

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  • About The Porch (As Sanctuary)

    The Porch (As Sanctuary) is a narrative account of southern, queer, Black womanhood. Through vivid sensory language and familial voices, Jae Nichelle conjures not only scenes but characters who demand to be heard. Nichelle’s writing is deliberate and graceful, leisurely drawing readers into the world of the family on The Porch. In each poem, the reader is invited into a moment on the The Porch which is simultaneously public and private, and where The Porch itself serves many roles. The Porch is a confessional. Church. A centralized gossip station. Home. A family reunion. Hair salon. A lesson in history. A reckoning. A sanctuary.

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