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some planet by jamie mortara (Digital)

Cover Art: Anna Reser, Cover & Interior Design: Alban Fischer

80 pages, 7" X 9"
April 2015, ISBN 978-1-936919-29-1


go climb the nearest mountain

climb it until there isn’t any mountain left

climb it until the mountain stops

being a mountain

until the planet is just a canyon

rest your head on a rock and look up

maybe your eyes will first see constellations

they were mapped by others so

draw your own

connect the lights into all the names you have ever uttered

connect the lights into all the hurts you have ever held

take the remaining embers and build yourself a new body

i confess now the thought of this terrifies me

that i have wanted this

like i have wanted anything

but i am just too heavy to climb

all this hurt still in my hands and i swear i can feel the whole damned universe

about to drop out from beneath me


some planet by jamie mortara (Digital)

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  • About some planet

    Underpinning Mortara’s games and science fiction gloss, there is a beating heart and an aching vulnerability that is powerful to witness.


    Publisher’s Weekly


    This is more than just anthropomorphism. Mortara’s poems are what Charles Olson, father of projective poetry, says poems must be: “high-energy constructs and, at all points, an energy discharge.” Mortara makes the reader complicit in the creation of a specific planet among all possible planets.


    —Chelsea Werner-Jantzke, Poetry Northwest


    some planet is a tiny cosmos in fevered conversation with itself. some planet is what it’s like to be a human. existing in one’s mind, in one’s body, in one’s world, in one’s galaxy, all tiny universes inside tiny universes all locked in fevered conversation. some planet is the coin in your pocket when you don't know how to choose. some planet is when everything is both itself and simultaneously else. jamie mortara is leading you through the woods by the hand, trying to get you home safe before sun goes down.

  • About jamie mortara

    jamie mortara is poet from New Jersey. They are the author of some planet (YesYes Books) and small creatures / wide field, an interactive fiction collection from tNY Press. They hold an MFA from UNCW. jamie currently operates from wherever there’s free WiFi. some planet is their first full-length collection of poetry. More about jamie can be found at

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