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Juned by Jenn Marie Nunes

Cover Art: Kathleen Hawkes
Cover & Interior Design: Alban Fischer
Paperback, 36 pages
Sept 10 2016, ISBN 978-1-936919-44-4


About Jenn Marie Nunes


Jenn Marie Nunes is the author of six chapbooks, including the collaborative HYMN: An Ovulution (Bloof Books) and the Projector (The Cupboard). Her work appears in numerous journals, including ACTION, YES!, Ninth Letter, Black Warrior Review, Horse Less Review, [PANK], and smoking glue gun, and she is co-founding editor of TENDE RLOIN, an online gallery for poetry. Her first full-length poetry collection, AND/OR (2015), was selected by Dawn Lundy Martin as winner of the inaugural Switchback Books Queer Voices award.

Juned by Jenn Marie Nunes

SKU: 0000033
  • About Juned

    Winner, Vinyl 45 Chapbook Contest, 2015


    This is a book for failing. June fails at relationships, she fails at decisions, she fails at directions, she fails at herself. But that doesn’t mean she’s a failure. June is in the process of— moving along toward— being interrupted by— playing around with— getting wrapped up in—  opening her door to— June follows the logic of the world to its utmost conclusion: there is no logic to the world. There is only what you encounter – monkeys smoking cigarettes, a pony in the mint garden, a seaglass baby, “fucking neat-o” earrings – and the story you tell about it.

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