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How to write a good article. Instructions

1. Choose a topic

How do you come up with a topic for an article? Here are a few tried and tested ways:

Starting from the "pains" of your target audience. You probably pay for papers know what problems are bothering your customers. The developer of CRM-systems will tell you how his program will streamline your company's work, and the tagger will tell you a plan not to waste your advertising budgets;

study the key queries in your industry, see what users are interested in, collect the semantic core;

Personal experience - this is almost a win-win. You can pay for essay correction write about how you arrived at something, what you did, where you went wrong, what difficulties you encountered. But you need specifics, examples, figures, illustrations so that the reader can trust you;

Take an actual infopoint and give your opinion. It works if you're an expert and can tell a non-trivial story.

Nobody forbids to steal topics from your competitors. You cannot copy them, but you can use the idea and approach it from the other side.

What is important to remember: one article - one topic. No need to try to highlight in a text all the problems of humanity, it will not work. Immerse yourself in one issue and fully disclose it.

Ideally, the text should be a wow-effect, insight. Something new: a new perspective on familiar things, new information. Or a good explanation "on the fingers", which everyone understands, and which is not boring to read - even if the subject is already a bit beaten up. A good text is an expertise, the author's own experience. It is a story that captures.

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