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How do I Get in Touch with Air France?

For passengers, Air France is one of the carriers that comes first on the list when they talk about top-notch onboard services. Also, it is not only about onboard services. The airlines keep in mind the before and travel services as well. So, any passenger facing any issues related to flights and the bookings must know the correct answers to How do I Get in Touch with Air France?. Once you are aware of the process of getting in touch with the Air France personnel, you can solve all your queries.

Talk to Air France Customer Service By Phone

  1. Dial phone number 1-800-237-2747 or 860-321-6827 from a phone.

  2. Press 1, for the Air France booking or reservations.

  3. Press 2, for the check-in or baggage queries.

  4. Press 3, for flight change or cancellation.

  5. Press 7, to talk to a live representative.

How do I Get in Touch with Air France?, How do I talk to live person at Air France?, Air France Customer Service,

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