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Whenever considering buying an electric skateboard, the number one reason to choose a product is the suitable price for your pocket. So how much should an electric skateboard cost and why?

Let’s find out the answer in this article. If you are looking for a detailed description about all the sorts of e-boards on the market including the prices, you should check out eSkateBuddy, the website has a lot of information about this topic.

The price of an e-board can be around 200 dollars or even several thousand dollars. Depending on the quality of the board, the price can be very different from categories among brands. However, the electric components in the board usually cost more than the traditional mechanical parts which are alike in an ordinary board.

The total cost of an e-board includes the manufacturing process, the price of the component, and the cost for marketing and customer service or warranty. Moreover, the manufacturers in this field are not many; therefore, no company has invested money in building huge factories for mass production of the products.

In addition to these above, the less competition in this discipline leads to the fact that the manufacturers can raise the price as high as they want since there are not many options for the customers. That is the reason why the price of a complete e-board can be cheap.

To understand the truth behind the high price of e-boards, you need to thoroughly know about the factors that make up the total cost of the product such as battery, motor, deck shape and material, additional parts, customer service, warranty, economy of scale and the location of the company.

I hope that with the knowledge above, now you know exactly why the cost of an e-board is usually expensive. To read more about the impact of the cost determining factors I mentioned above, you can visit eSkateBuddy to find out.

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